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    Development of Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

    A few words about us

    GREEN REPOWER has been active in the field of Development of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Projects in Greece, while additionally providing specialized project evaluation advices to potential investors by suggesting the appropriate development solutions.

    The company is an active continuum of SMARTWIND L.P. (founded in 2004) and ECOMIND L.P. (founded in 2001).


    Global Development

    The Market of Renewable Energy Sources is experiencing a period of global growth due to environmental concerns, legislation and technological developments.

    Environmental protection has become a top priority around the world, and the growing consumer and government awareness of environmental issues has helped the development of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) internationally.

    This is reflected in both national and European guideline that set as a priority the promotion of electricity production from RES.


    The European Union Directive

    The European Union Directive on Renewable Energy Sources sets as a target the percentage of electricity consumption that must be produced from RES. throughout the European Union by the end of 2030 to reach at least 32%, with differentiated targets for each Member State, taken into account the specific characteristics of each country in RES capability.


    Increase of Productive Energy

    According to the National Plan for the Energy and the Climate for the period 2021-2030, Greece aims to increase electricity production by 1 GW of energy per year for new RES projects.

    Growing concerns about the destruction of the environment by gaseous pollutants produced by the use of traditional fuels, has also encouraged research into the development of technologies that will aim at the more efficient use of RES.


    Renewable Energy Sources

    Today, electricity is generated from a variety of renewable energy sources, such as wind, hydroelectric, solar or biomass.

    Research and Development efforts continue with the aim of perfecting the technologies that have already been developed, and more specifically increasing the efficiency and reducing the costs of these technologies.

    The aftereffect of all the above is the continuous increase of interest of investors and companies in the Development of Renewable Energy Projects in Greece.